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  • Fertility Counseling

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    Fertility Counseling

    Creating a family is sometimes more complicated than expected.

    What fertility counseling services are offered?

    • Consultations with intended parent(s) using donor eggs, sperm, embryos, or surrogates
    • Screenings of egg donors, sperm donors, surrogates
    • Ongoing counselling for fertility issues including pregnancy loss, strengthening relationships through the family forming process, and additional psychosocial support.

      Consultation Sessions for Intended Parent(s) *

      Consultation sessions help you prepare for using donors or surrogates. During these sessions, we’ll discuss the impact of successful treatment (e.g., transition to parenthood), the disclosure process with the child, the impact of treatment failure, any medical conditions that led to fertility treatment, implications of treatment(s), and fears and concerns about the process. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and receive support.

      Consultation sessions are 90 minutes long. The cost ranges from $250 to $350 including a written report *

      Screening Sessions for Donors and Gestational Carriers *

      Screening sessions assess whether donors or surrogates are emotionally healthy and ready to go through the process. The donor or surrogate should fully understand what’s involved with this commitment.

      Screening sessions may be broken into two sessions lasting 90 minutes. The cost is $350 and includes a written report that can be submitted to the fertility clinic.

      Ongoing Counseling

      Counseling for individuals and couples who want continued psychosocial support throughout this process

    * Not covered by insurance